Weekly Entertainment

PK's has always been a home to the local music scene, featuring live music, karaoke, and other entertainment every weekend.  

Almost every Friday and Saturday (and sometimes Wednesday, and sometimes Sunday, too. And also St. Patty's, whichever day that falls on, and a few other random times through the year... you get the point)..  PK's is dedicated to showcasing live, local, bands, solo artists, DJs and the like.

PK's also features Karaoke, and is always a packed house.  

PK's also has a selection of board games, darts, hell we even have a Bop It if it tickles your fancy.

Game Time

PK's is now the place to be to watch the game, or GAMES we should say. 

Now serving up your favorite teams on an all new 65" 4k Smart TV centered over the bar, and three additional HD TVs in house, giving everyone in the bar a front row seat to all the action no matter where you decided to gather.  

PK's will also be hosting Monday Night Football Parties, Bruin's Watching Parties, Playoff Events, UFC Fights, Live Streaming Concerts and Televised Events and much more.  Stay tuned!

The Story of PK's

It all started 31 years ago,  when Paul "PK" Kane, and his wife Marie, opened the doors of PK's Pub in August of 1988. 


PK's quickly became the popular neighborhood drinking hole and has been known for it's authentic Irish feel and it's span of thirty years of customer donated photos, posters, shirts, local mementos and other decor you have to experience for yourself.

PK  decided to sell the business after 17 years to new owner Mark Olbrych.  Mark ran PK's for ten years and then decided to step away. 


PK , not wanting to see the bar end up closed, decided to jump back in and took re-ownership of the bar in 2015.

In 2019, PK decided it was time to let the bar go for good to focus his time on his grand kids and sold the bar to now owners, Brian Joy and Chelsea Peake.  

Brian and Chelsea invite you to stop in and have a pint and enjoy three decades of local pride, Irish spirit and friendly folk.  Slainte!


Bellows Falls

PK's is located at 113 Rockingham Street in Historic Bellows Falls, Vermont only a few minutes from Exits 5 or 6 off of Interstate 91.

Bellows Falls was settled in 1753 and was the location of the first bridge built over the Connecticut River to New Hampshire and also the home of the very first canal ever built in the United States. Construction began in 1791 and was completed in 1802.

The construction of one of the largest Paper Mills in the country in 1802 and the crossing of two major railroads in the years to come created enormous wealth in the town, and substantial Victorian houses and mercantile buildings were constructed. The commercial town center, along with the canal, the bridges spanning it, and several neighborhoods of houses, were listed as historic districts on the National Register of Historic Places, as were individual landmarks such as the historic railroad station and the Adams Gristmill Warehouse.

Bellows Falls is a great destination for shopping, eateries, outdoor recreation and it's historic Opera House.  You can learn more about our great community at